embodied Mama Mentorship

A sacred space to heal and thrive

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Expecting Mamas

Postpartum Mamas

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All mothers

need support

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About the Mentorship

This mentorship is a 3 month container for you to receive support from me as a doula and a soul sister, to hold your heart on your healing journey.

The transition to motherhood is a profound right of passage. it often asks us to do deep work, both in preparing for, and healing from the journey.

All mothers need support on the transformation.

You may struggle overcoming fears of giving birth and becoming a mama. you may need to mentally prepare for the journey. you may struggle postpartum to heal from the journey. you may struggle to adjust to life as a mama, you may struggle to live embodied in motherhood.

I will guide you through whatever struggles are holding you back from thriving in this aspect of life.


this mentorship offers you exactly what you need during this transition…

A doula sharing
knowledge, experience, and resources

Someone to hold space for you,
to talk to, and to be with you
through all the unknowns, hard parts,
wins, loneliness, trauma, and bliss

A fellow mama who sees you,
understands, and offers
guidance, direction,
and healing

A place to heal
the mind, body,
& spirit

With this support you will be empowered by soul alchemy to show up as your best self everyday.

when we practice shadow work we face the hidden wounds living in our unconscious mind, we shine light on them, heal and integrate them into our conscious world. those beliefs and patterns are broken and reprogrammed, we find healing, and we thrive.

alchemize the shadows and show up fully as the best mother you can be

during our time together you will learn how to:

▼feel empowered every step of the journey

▼ask for what you need

▼heal the chakras, womb, inner child, mother wound, shadows, and birth trauma

▼balance being a present mama and a badass business owner

▼use ceremony to heal your heart and walk the path of mamahood in a sacred way

▼how to prioritize sacred self care

▼how to embody the mother archetype

Are you ready to dive in?

Mamas who are supported and held during this time bond more easily and deeply with their babies.

Both mama and baby will see the benefits of this support for decades.

What Mamas Are Saying

Thank you so much, Heather, I had the most amazing session. I felt deeply held, heard and understood. The wisdom shared and support offered was so aligned and easy to use and integrate into my life. The results from these suggestions have been wonderful and I can’t recommend your support enough. For especially women and mamas, the deep presence, experience and alignment to love and support you offer. I look forward to having more support and surrender with your guidance and feel so grateful for our session for my empowerment and confidence in my relationship and upcoming birth. Bless you and your gifts. Love and light.

-Destiny Fae – Author, Wellness Supporter and Psychic/Channel

I appreciated you giving me support. You brought me more direction. With your support I knew what the next right step was for me. 


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